EAA Chapter 651

Green Bay, WI

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Who can join ?

 Anyone interested in aviation can join EAA and our local Chapter. We invite you to attend one of our regular meetings or one of our events to see what we are all about!

Benefits of joining Chapter 651 -

 Expand your horizons by making new friends locally who share your interest in aviation, attending a variety of aviation-related programs in your area, getting involved in Chapter projects, events, and helping promote aviation education.

Enjoy keeping up-to-date on general aviation and Chapter news with the monthly "The Sky's The Limit" newsletter, the Chapter Web site and Facebook page.

Becoming a member of Chapter 651 - 

 There are three tiers of membership in EAA Chapter 651.

  • Families - Families are welcomed and encouraged. Family membership requires at least one member of the family be a member of EAA national. Spouse is included in the individual Chapter membership.
  • Individual - Member must be an EAA national member to be able to vote and hold Chapter Office.
  • Associate - Anyone can be an associate member without an EAA National membership and participate in all Chapter activities but may not vote or hold office. 

 Guests of all ages are always welcome. Attendees under the age of 18 require parental supervision.

 Membership to EAA Chapter 651 is $20.00 per calendar year. 

 A membership application is available to the left, or by clicking here

 Any questions regarding memberships, contact our Secretary, Alan Georgia, via Email at 695asel@gmail.com or by phone @ 920-432-0756.

Bob Kirshling with 2 happy Young Eagle flyers.

attend one of our regular meetings or one of 
our events to see what we are all about!
and our local Chapter. We invite you to 
attend one of our regular meetings or one of 
our events to see what we are all about!

Who can join ?







 Becoming an EAA International member -

 An EAA membership gives you strength in numbers. You can meet other flying enthusiasts at your local EAA Chapters. Our representation in Washington makes sure that the interests of recreational aviators are being protected. You don't have to fly to join EAA, you just have to love aviation.

Individual Membership -
 Your Individual membership makes you a part of the passionate EAA Family and gives access to EAA-Exclusive benefits. 

 Membership is $40 per year and includes: 
  • Sport Aviation Magazine - our award winning publication that covers all things aviation.
  • Discounted rates to EAA AirVenture Oshkosh.
  • Direct paths to flight for you and others.
  • Access to local EAA Chapters.
  • EAA Advocacy—preserving the right to fly.
  • FREE access to over 300 museums.
  • Access to our Warbirds, IAC and Vintage aviation communities.
  • The shared knowledge of 180,000+ members.  

Family Membership -
 Family membership, which is $50 per year, gives you the same access as the Individual membership, plus gives membership access to your spouse and children.

Lifetime Membership - 
 "Lifetime Membership" is the extra polish on your EAA credentials. It shows your commitment to aviation as a way of life - and that you stand with EAA to protect open skies for all.

 Lifetime Membership includes all of the benefits of EAA regular membership plus:

  • Embroidered personalized jacket, plaque and ID Card.
  • Lifetime flight cap, embroidered patch, gear bag and gold pin.
  • Access to EAA Lifetime Concierge service.
  • Never having to pay membership dues again!
  • Opportunity to attend the Lifetime Dinner during EAA AirVenture Oshkosh.

Student Membership -
 An EAA Student Membership is available FREE of charge to any young person age 8 – 18 who has completed a Young Eagles flight. A Young Eagles flight is just the beginning to exciting experiences in aviation and is free!

Young Eagles information at EAA
Young Eagles at Chapter 651

 Membership includes: 

  • FREE access to Sporty's Learn to Fly Course. ($199 value)
  • FREE first flight lesson.* ($130 value)
    *Upon completion of the first three volumes of the Sporty's Learn to Fly Course.
  • FREE admission to 300+ science and technology museums.
  • FREE "Academy of Model Aeronautics" Student Membership.
  • FREE electronic copy of EAA's Sport Aviation magazine.
  • Access to valuable flight training awards, education scholarships, and Air Academy camperships.



President: Dustin Ridings 
Secretary: Alan Georgia

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