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Roman Stoviak
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1. By using the following link you instruct the site not to redirect your phone to the mobile version.


2. One can force the phone / tablet to request the non-mobile version of this site.

See - http://www.howtogeek.com/176932/how-to-disable-the-mobile-version-of-a-website-on-your-phone/

"DUDA" is the mobile provider paired up with WEBs.com ( our site provider ). Not sure on whether to use their pay service to "clean up" the site for mobile use. I am using "iframes" on this site, they are not supported with the free version of DUDA, that is why the content does not show up. To ease in the transition from the old site to this one I basically used the old pages and by using "iframes" embedded the old site pages into this site. It just saved a lot of time, that is about it. Now that this site is matured I will go over the pages that use "iframes" and natively recreate them so that they will (content that is) show up on the mobile version of this site. It will take a while so in the meantime use the above "tricks" to view all the content of our site.

EDIT 16DEC16 - All "iframes" have been removed and all pages have been recoded to at least show the "content", not necessarily the "look", with the mobile version. As good as it's going to get, for now.



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